Which Team Won the Cup in 1965?

Founded in 1892, Liverpool FC is surely one of the greatest names in English football. However, in one of those odd twists of history, things nearly didn’t turn out how they have. The first occupiers of Liverpool’s ground which stands on Anfield Road, L4 was none other than Everton who had played there since their own formation fourteen years previously. The landlord of the site, one John Houlding was an eminent local businessman and politician who decided, amongst other things, that he wanted to increase Everton’s rent. No satisfactory agreement could be found between the parties and in 1892 the great schism occurred. On forming his new club, Houlding wanted to retain the name Everton, but sensibly enough, FA rules prevented two teams from having the same name, so he needed to come up with an alternative name for his new club. Of course he decided upon the name Liverpool. Elected to the second division of the Football League in time for the 1893-94 season, Liverpool won the first of its eighteen Football League Championships in 1900-01.

For a team with such a long list of trophies, it may come as a surprise to learn that the Reds didn’t win their first FA Cup until 1965. Two previous finals (in 1914 v Burnley and 1950 v Arsenal) had been lost, but in ’65 the Reds were up and coming under Bill Shankly. In the final they faced fellow up and comers Leeds, managed by Don Revie. Fans of a certain vintage will not be surprised to read that Liverpool were th ufabet เว็บหลัก e more inventive and adventurous of the two. However, the deadlock wasn’t broken until the 3rd minute of extra time. Roger Hunt, perhaps the Reds’ greatest goalscorer stooped low to conquer from a cross from broken arm victim Gerry Byrne, struggling on at left back – there were no substitutes until 1967. Unfortunately Liverpool’s lead was held for just 2 minutes before Billy Bremner equalised following a header from Jackie Charlton. So, it was back to the previous stalemate then, until Ian St John got the first FA Cup winner for Liverpool. This time it was a young Ian Callaghan who supplied the cross.

Roger Hunt MBE, or ‘Sir’ Roger as he was dubbed by Liverpool’s famous Kop was a scoring sensation for the Reds in the late 50’s and sixties. Signed by Phil Taylor in the summer of 1958 it was Shankly for whom Hunt really shone. Born in Golborne in South Lancashire, Hunt plundered a mouthwatering 245 goals in 404 league appearances for the Reds, for his country his record was 18 goals from 34 appearances. He played an important part in helping Liverpool escape from the second division in 1962, when he scored an average of goal a game in his 41 starts. Then in season 1963-64 he notched 31 goals from 41 games as Liverpool won the first division. In England’s World Cup winning season, Sir Roger registered 30 times in 37 Liverpool games as the league was won again. He scored 3 goals and started all six of England’s games, including of course the World Cup Final. By now though, Shankly was busy with a new team for the new decad

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